Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nazri minta pembangkang tak timbul lagi isu berkaitan Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR 28 Ogos — Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz hari ini meminta Anggota Parlimen pembangkang agar tidak lagi membangkitkan sebarang isu berhubung Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad di dalam dewan kerana perbuatan itu tidak adil bagi mantan perdana menteri tersebut.

Mohamed Nazri berkata demikian ketika menjawab soalan tambahan Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) yang mendakwa wujudnya projek pemberian kad pengenalan palsu kepada pendatang asing tanpa izin di Sabah yang dikaitkan dengan Dr. Mahathir.

“Adakah kerajaan kesan ada satu projek yang pernah dinamakan projek Mahathir di mana pendatang asing ini diberi izin yang palsu dengan dokumen palsu sehingga rakyat Sabah takut,” kata Kit Siang pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat, di sini hari ini. - Bernama

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Siaran langsung Parlimen hanya untuk sesi soal jawab, kata Ahmad Shabery

KUALA LUMPUR 28 Ogos — Siaran langsung persidangan Dewan Rakyat adalah hanya untuk sesi soal jawab dan bukannya untuk upacara mengangkat sumpah oleh mana-mana Anggota Parlimen, kata Menteri Penerangan Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

“Dasar yang kita buat hanyalah siaran langsung mengenai sesi soal jawab, ia bermula dengan soalan yang pertama sehingga setengah jam selepas itu.
“Jadi kita teruskan dengan apa yang ada dan tidak boleh kita berubah hari ini semata-mata kerana memberi keistimewaan kepada seseorang,” katanya kepada pemberita di lobi Parlimen di sini hari ini.

Beliau diminta mengulas mengenai upacara mengangkat sumpah Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai Anggota Parlimen Permatang Pauh pagi tadi yang tidak disiarkan secara langsung. - Bernama

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Melur : DS Anwar Ibrahim seharusnya mengkaji dahulu sebelum mengeluarkan sesuatu pendapat. Siaran langsung hanya untuk sidang parlimen dan bukanlah untuk upacara angkat sumpah...Jadilah ketua pembangkang yang berinfo dan bermaklumat....bukan hanya mengeksploitasi sesuatu isu

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


By : Pemikir Negara

The comments by M. Bakri Musa currently enjoying the nice weather in the Sodomyland of California, are surprisingly potted. This man in the distant place, is making gross and wrongful assumptions from the comfort of his room and in the arms of his beautiful and innocent American wife.

As a doctor and a specialist, M. Bakri should be more conscious of him self and his professionalism. This man could be nice in the day and he could be evil the next day. No one is perfect on this beautiful earth created by Allah. The genocidist named Karadzic of Serbia is also a doctor, in psycology. He has multi-dimensional minds but most of them are horrific and diabolical and therefore very dangerous to Serbia, MAN and civilization.

M. Bakri Musa has been away far too long and his is trying hard to be a scholar of Malaysian Politics and government. He should be in Malaysia and see things for himself what is really happening here, lest he would always remain a pseudo-scholar. Malaysia is a very vibrant nation and this is the only country in this planet which truly believes in the practices of democracy ala Westminster. If by chance, you are in Malaysia in December 2008, do come to observe the UMNO convention, also attended by diplomats and foreign political representatives. Foreigners and western press were always impressed and overwhelmed which the proceedings of this Convention which you could not even see happening in other Commonwealth Countries, including Singapore, which has a unicameral parliamentary system. In the UMNO convention, delegates were free to voice their views and observations regarding the health of UMNO and it leaders.

It is distressing to learn that you M. Bakri Musa enjoys insulating yourself in the cocoon of American influence, democracy and polity. Man of your calibre should contribute in nation-building and not quibbling in matters pertaing to sodomy, Anwar Ibrahim, and all the tales you read in Lim Kit Siang Blog. Do you really know Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim?. These two people are the by-products of PAP Singapore which has the DNA of Harry Lee Kuan Yew, who propogate Malaysian-Malaysia, Meritocracy and anti monarchy. Their minds remind me of Russia in 1917.

We wish you that you will continue to be happy residing in California witch legitimizes gay marriages and the all other unthinkable practices. Be a positive doctor and think of ways on how to improve the quality of life and health of every Malaysian and Asean population.


By : Pemikir Negara

Lim Kit Siang should by now understand how the government works. He has been in parliament for a long time and by now he should focus on big matters. He should always remind himself to comment on measures to enhance the quality of life of Malaysians.

Lim Kit Siang should not allow himself to waste good time on trivial issues such as punctuality of arrivals of guests to ceremonies, specifically, 54th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. He should avoid from being presumptous about anything, particularly as an old MP. Keep abreast with events and development happening in Malaysia or in his Ipoh Timur area.

What he should do during the 54th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference recently was to participate in the deliberations with several foreign delegates. Lim Kit Siang should delve in substantive matters rather than procedural. His job was not to watch the running of the conference, including, observing, who turned up or don’t during the session. The Prime Minister could not come because he had a matter of state to handle at that particular time. This is, indeed, a straight forward case and, therefore, distortions made by Lim Kit Siang in his blog were prematured.

Political observers found it amusing to see Lim Kit Siang, a so-called student of Alex Josey (Singaporean), desocialised himself from foreign delegates who wanted to know more about Malaysia and our Parliament. Perhaps, he might have even used the occasion to debase the Malaysian Parliament.

Our piece of advice to Lim Kit Siang is that as a senior politician, he should manifest positive outlook especially when attending a big conference of this nature. We would like to grade ‘E-‘ for his performance at the Conference.